Reach Mallorca

aims to reach the 15 million tourists and almost one million islanders on Mallorca with the Gospel. As a ministry, Reach Mallorca is part of the Reach Movement.

“I don’t want to keep drinking, I want to go to the hotel and read the Bible and get to know God better.”


“I’m not the same anymore!”

Outreach participants

“Baptizing instead of binge drinking.”

BILD headline

“This is our highlight of the whole year!”

Beach Service Visitor

“What you are doing is exactly what the world needs!”


“Please pray that I find the meaning of my life”

crying tourist

Our focus

1. Reach tourists

We reach party tourists at Ballermann and in Magaluf as well as other tourist segments in a creative way with the best message in the world.

2. Reach Mallorca School

We train young people to be passionate followers of Jesus and to be equipped for God’s mission.

3. Church support

We partner with local churches and support them in the area of evangelism.

Reach Mallorca School

The RMS is a five-month mission school on Mallorca.
Together with young people from all over Europe who are passionate about Jesus
we live, learn and evangelize on the island: 2.5 months of training with
weekly assignments, 2.5 months outreach in the party zone or
among the Spanish-speaking residents of the island.

The Fall RMS travels to Phuket, Thailand as a mission outreach.

Reach Mallorca Outreach

This summer we expect more than 300 young people to come to the island. Our gatherings are
filled with the anticipation of God’s presence: teachings, worship, beach activities and excursions to the island’s most stunning locations. In the evening we serve in the party zone: evangelism,
praying with people, church services, if you want, until the early morning hours.

Jesus is also at the Ballermann ✦