Reach Mallorca Support

It is a great joy to do this together – through participation, prayer, practical help or donations.
The Reach Movement is committed to ensuring that young students around the world are trained in discipleship and mission during the day and can put what they have learned into practice at night in the party zones. You can give a financial gift to the Reach Movement or to one of our specific projects.

Do you want to support us?

Free donation

If you send us a free donation, we will use it for the purpose that is most urgent at the time. We enable financially disadvantaged students or participants to take part in an assignment or expand our Reach Mallorca Base.

New Frontiers

Do you have your heart set on multiplying the Reach Mallorca School and outreach in other places? We believe that Mallorca is just the beginning. We dream that schools and outreaches will be opened in other places where no other Bible schools exist yet. Why? Because of Jesus.

RMS Base financing

The purchase contract has been signed and we were able to buy the finca! Thank you very much for your support! We are now planning to pay back the 150k interest-free loan as soon as possible and invest a further 30k euros in windows and doors. In addition, we have started a process so that we can implement further construction measures (applying for licenses) so that the living and working space can be used even better.

Account details

Bank transfer: Reach Mallorca e.V.
DE 89 5206 0410 0005 0425 00


Thank you again for your generosity! If you have any questions about donating to Reach Movement, please email

Reach Mallorca

We are looking for mission partners to join us in financially supporting the Reach Mallorca project. Be it for the outreaches on site, the technical equipment for the beach services, the mission school or evangelistic material that we produce ourselves.


Do you have your heart set on directly supporting a missionary from Reach Mallorca?