07.07. – 14.07.24 / 60.- Euro

In the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10, Jesus sends seventy of his followers into the villages and towns of Israel with the mission of finding people of peace, serving them in the power of God and sharing the Gospel. This is exactly what we intend to do with the Mallorca Outreach “The Seventy”. We are looking for 70 young people from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries who, together with our RMS students, are crazy enough to reach 100 villages in Mallorca with the Gospel in one week.

We will send you in small groups (2-4 people) from our Reach Mallorca base in Santa Maria to the north, south, west and east of the island. Each small group decides exactly who goes where. If 30 groups reach 3-4 villages in 5 days, we will achieve our goal.

Over 150 years ago, the Gospel came to the island in a very similar way. British missionaries traveled through the villages with donkey carts and evangelistic literature and prayed for open-minded people. This is how the first communities came into being.

What exactly do we do?

You can find everything on Mallorca. Small rural villages, party locations such as Magaluf or the Ballermann, places in the southeast of the island where the rich and famous meet, or poorer immigrant neighborhoods in Palma. We want to reach everyone with God’s love.

There are two key words that are important to us in this mission: SERVICE and FRIENDLY sharing of the gospel. The method that doesn’t work at all on Mallorca beyond the Ballermann or Magaluf is to stand on the street and preach. This approach is particularly alienating in villages.
One approach could be to find people you can serve practically every day: Tidying up, cleaning, helping with gardening, whatever. People don’t know anything like this and they become curious. There are opportunities to share the gospel and maybe you have already found a place where you can get something to eat, be invited to a party or get accommodation for the night. The next day you move on. We will provide you with evangelistic material in various languages.


Here are some concrete ideas:

  • You walk Mallorca’s hiking routes, sleep in the mountains and when you meet other hikers, you get to know them and tell them about Jesus.
  • You go to Magaluf, the Ballermann or Cala Rajada in the east of the island, mingle with the party people and talk to people about Jesus.
  • You visit some of the countless villages on Mallorca and find a restaurant, a private house, a family, a party, offer your help and conversations ensue.
  • You go to a rich neighborhood in the southeast of the island, feel the vibe, get to know people and tell them about Jesus.

God will guide you. You will see that the story of what you are doing will open many doors. Nevertheless, you must be aware that it can be a very special outreach. Temperatures can easily reach over 30 degrees during the day and the sun is blazing.

More than 10 young “German Angels” appeared out of nowhere at just the right moment and helped us move in!
God has provided for us in little things as well as big things – wild!
Outreach participants
Every group has experienced God’s guidance!
Head of operations

All further informations:

The outreach costs only 60 euros. You will receive a transfer request with your registration confirmation. In addition, there is the flight and the food you will need during the week. The earlier you register and book flights, the better and cheaper.

In the course of Sunday, July 7 you arrive at the airport in Palma and travel either by public transport or by cab to the Reach Mallorca Base. Everyone takes care of their own flight and transportation. The first night you will sleep in our base, which means in the open air or in the tent you have brought with you, before we start on Monday, the July 8th we will organize a preparation day with you.

Then you will be on the road for 4 days. Saturday morning you come back and on Saturday evening, July 13, we all celebrate Together with good food, we have a big celebration where we tell each other what God has done during the week. During the week, we are all connected through a large WhatsApp group.

Departure is in the course of Sunday, July 14.

It is not possible to arrive before July 7 or to depart after July 14.

Accommodation, transportation and meals: The first and last night you can sleep in and around our finca. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. Having your own small tent can also be an advantage.

Overnight stay: During your days on the island, you have to find “places of peace” where you can spend the night. You will also need a sleeping bag and sleeping mat there. It will be very warm, so a night in the open air wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Emergency domiciles: We will try to set up “emergency domiciles” in various places on the island, but in any case in our base in the center of the island, where you can show up in the evening if you run out of energy completely.

Catering: You must provide your own food during the days you are on the road. There are supermarkets and small restaurants everywhere.

Transportation: You can get from A to B by public transport, or you can hitchhike or walk, whichever you prefer.

Age: The outreach is from 18 years.

Small groups: It’s great if you do the mission with one or two friends. If you register alone, we will add you to a group. The ideal group size is two or three people. However, we do not want groups of two
consisting of unmarried men and women.

Language: In the Mallorcan villages, some people speak English or German, but the main language is Spanish or Mallorcan. This will be a challenge that you must be aware of. However, the island will generally be full of tourists from all over Europe in July, so you will usually meet people who speak English or German.