Reach Ministries

We don’t just organize big outreaches or have classes, we also like to celebrate services in our finca. Reach Ministries include all activities carried out by the Reach Movement in Mallorca. We dream of new evangelistic cafés and founding a house of prayer on Mallorca.

Reach Out Service

Vision House of Prayer

Vision Coffee

Reach Out Service

We at the Reach Mallorca School love Jesus, love the tourists and love the church on Mallorca. That’s why we celebrate our Reach Out service every week on Wednesday evening. The Reach Out service is held in English, but we offer translation into Spanish. The message and service are a collaboration between students, staff and international and local speakers. During the teaching phase of the RMS the service is from 8 – 10 pm and during the outreach phase of the RMS the service is from 8 – 9.30 pm + outreach from 10 pm – 12 pm. The church service takes place at the Reach Mallorca Base and the outreach takes place at Ballermann or in the party zone in Magaluf.

We dream that the Reach Out service will become a place where we learn to worship Jesus in spirit and in truth. We see ourselves celebrating Jesus as one big international family with more and more people joining and beginning to follow Him.

Here is the link to our informational WhatsApp chat: