About Reach Mallorca

Reach Mallorca pursues the goal of reaching the 15 million tourists and almost one million islanders on Mallorca with the Gospel. As a ministry, Reach Mallorca is part of Reach Movement.

Our focus

1. Reach tourists

We reach the party tourists at Ballermann and in Magaluf as well as other tourist segments in a creative way with the best message in the world.

2. Reach Mallorca School

We train young people to be passionate followers of Jesus and to be equipped for the world mission.

3. Church support

We work together with local churches and support them in the area of evangelization.

Vision team

From left to right: Johannes and Esther Baumann (JMG), Gernot and Sabine Elsner (Gospeltribe), Manuel and Lea Leiser (THE FOUR)

Our values

The board of Reach Mallorca e.V.

Uwe Daniel
Uwe DanielPresident
Senior Executive at Reach Mallorca
Lea Leiser
Lea LeiserBoard member
Co-Head of Human Resources at Campus for Christ Switzerland
Johannes Baumann
Johannes BaumannBoard member
Head of Jugendmissionsgemeinschaft e.V.

Our history

2010 It all started with the idea of some young women to go on a mission trip to a place where people speak German, are on a relaxed vacation and perhaps have more time to think about the big questions in life. The Ballermann outreach was born.

2011 Inspired by 24/7 Prayer in Ibiza, which carried out outreaches in the party zone, Gernot Elsner set off with his family and a small team from Gospeltribe to the Ballermann in Mallorca. Their mission: to bring Jesus to the Ballermann! During the day they did a Spanish kids program on the beach and in the evening shared the Gospel with the German tourists in the party zone.

2021 Despite the global coronavirus crisis, a group of 70 dedicated evangelists and prayer warriors traveled to Mallorca to share the love of God. The need and loneliness of the people were more significant and apparent than ever.

2022150 participants served and a great mission was carried out. Following the crisis years, the island was bustling once more and many spiritually hungry individuals encountered Jesus. Signs and wonders occurred. During the large outreach, a small team of pioneers flew to Ibiza to scout the area for future mission trips.

2023 A longstanding vision became reality: the Reach Mallorca School (RMS) was founded! A team of 6 passionate leaders from Germany, Switzerland and Finland moved to the island and carried out the first course with 11 students. Parallel to the annual Reach Mallorca Outreach in the summer with over 250 participants, two teams were sent to Ibiza and Lloret de Mar so new party regions could hear the best message in the world.

From the large summer outreach, small Reach teams have been formed to do evangelistic outreach locally in their cities: Reach Hamburg, Reach Uster (Switzerland), Reach Bochum, Reach Steinhagen and other cities.

2024The Reach Mallorca Association was established and became independent! The second round of the RMS took place and the third course starts run in the fall featuring a big mission trip to Phuket, Thailand. In addition to the summer outreaches, teams will carry out: Reach Cancun, Reach Ibiza and Reach Lloret de Mar to multiply what begin through Reach Mallorca. The Reach Movement is born!