Reach Mallorca Spring School

The Reach Mallorca School (RMS) is our international, five-month training and mission school in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Mallorca.
Together with you and many other young people from all over Europe, we want to reach the island with the Gospel and train you on the path of passionately following Jesus. After you have gone through our school, you will have discovered more of your own calling and will be able to naturally share Jesus and live an awakened life anywhere in the world.


The RMS is divided into two phases: The teaching phase (10 weeks) and the deployment phase (10 weeks)



15 hours of classes per week with guest speakers from all over Europe and special evenings where God speaks and moves in His power.



Daily times of prayer, worship and reflection as part of a passionate Jesus Community



Personal mentoring times to develop your character and personality



Two evangelistic outreaches per week, in a team and with local churches



Joint, practical work in the house and on the base.

Deployment phase

During the outreach phase, we will still invest a lot of time in fellowship and prayer together , but now evangelism and mission will take center stage .Tourist evangelism or evangelization of the Spanish-speaking population.

“The RMS combines evangelism, discipleship and mission in a unique way on a beautiful island where the majority of people even speak your native language.”

RMS School management member

“We were able to apply what we learned in the teaching in practice. We not only heard about the gifts of the spirit but also experienced them.”

RMS Pupils

“Today I baptized a person on the beach for the first time in my life, wow! ”

RMS Pupils

“We have just made a decision for Jesus, received the Holy Spirit and want more!”

Passers-by couple

What can you expect at the Reach Mallorca Spring School?

During the teaching phase, the focus is on teaching, worship, prayer and receiving, practicing principles of discipleship and growing as a Christian community. During the The focus shifts to evangelism and mission in the party zones during the second phase of outreach Magaluf and Ballermann – among the Spanish-speaking islanders and newcomers from more than 150 nations.

  • 4-5 evangelistic outreaches per week in tourist areas such as Magaluf or the Ballermann among the Spanish-speaking islanders.
  • Collaboration in hosting the large Reach Mallorca mission with 250 participants in Augus tor other small groups who would like to do an outreach on Mallorca.
  • Collaboration in existing mercy or evangelization ministries in Mallorca, such as Street Angels, Spanish-speaking churches and ministries that focus on the homeless, foreigners or victims of human trafficking.
  • Organization of missions to other party zones in Europe.


God has provided the RMS with a wonderful finca on the outskirts of the small town of Santa Maria, in the catchment area of Palma. We live there together, sharing life, take care of the house and grounds and have a place of peace when we set off on missions. when we leave for our missions.


Elena Turan
Elena Turan
I love anything that is fast, high and a bit dangerous. #Evangeli
Heli Jaakkola
Heli Jaakkola
I am excited to see how Jesus will continue to change the island in the coming years.
Miriam Damrau
Miriam Damrau
I love to see how God uses us together to build His kingdom.
Joel & Noemi Lamprecht
Joel & Noemi Lamprecht
We love to lead and train the next generation in fiery discipleship to Jesus.
Nils Stouthandel
Nils Stouthandel
I am thrilled that I can use my talents directly to spread the gospel to the whole world – through all possible and impossible channels.
Mariel Kottlange
Mariel Kottlange
My mission is to recognize the beauty of identity in people, to foster this, and thereby set them free into the fullness of their calling.
Jeremiah Hoppler
Jeremiah Hoppler
I love to see people through my camera and through God’s eyes!


Price: The price for the RMS is 5,500 euros and includes accommodation, teaching materials and meals.

You can find more information on payment methods and included costs in the info sheet below.

If finances are a problem, get in touch with us and we’ll find a solution together.


The next RMS will take place between March 29, 2025 and August 16, 2025.
Registration deadline: March 28, 2025

If you have any questions or need help, you can send an e-mail to We are happy to help you!

Apply for the RMS and experience how God will change your life and ignite a love for the nations in you!We would like to get to know you better and will send you an application formafter your registration .

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