Reach Mallorca Fall School

Experience the Reach Mallorca School – a five-month intensive training program for evangelism and passionate Jesus discipleship. Immerse yourself in life on Mallorca during the teaching phase, where you live with other international students in the RMS Base, a traditional finca.

Our goal is to train people to grow into their calling and then reach the world around them with the best message. During the teaching phase, led by inspirational speakers, we focus on teaching, worship, prayer and growing as a Christian community.

The RMS is divided into two phases: The teaching phase (10 weeks) and the outreach phase (10 weeks).

In the outreach phase, the focus is on multifaceted evangelism. In contrast to the spring school, the fall school does not spend its outreach at the Ballermann in Mallorca, but in the pulsating heart of Thailand: Phuket, a true party hotspot! Become part of this exciting journey.

Course of the teaching phase



15 hours of classes per week with guest speakers from all over Europe and special evenings where God speaks and moves in His power.



Daily times of prayer, worship and reflection as part of a passionate Jesus community.



Personal mentoring times to develop your character and personality.



2 evangelistic outreaches per week, in a team and with local churches.



Joint, practical work in the house and on the base.

Procedure for the outreach phase

During the outreach phase (10 weeks) we still invest a lot of time in fellowship and prayer. The focus is on evangelistic outreaches and mission. Tourist evangelism or evangelization campaigns with local churches. In the winter, when Mallorca is cold and wet and the party zone is asleep, the outreach phase takes place in Phuket, Thailand. The Reach Mallorca School works with various local churches and organizations in Phuket.


What can you expect at the Reach Mallorca Fall School?

During the teaching phase, the focus is on teaching, worship, prayer, practicing principles of discipleship and growing as a Christian community. During the second phase, the focus shifts to evangelism and mission in the party zones of Phuket – among party tourists and local residents.

  • 4-5 evangelistic outreaches per week in tourist areas.
  • Collaboration in hosting mission teams from Germany and Switzerland who would like to serve in Thailand.


God has provided the RMS with a wonderful finca on the outskirts of the small town of Santa Maria, in the catchment area of Palma. We live there during the teaching phase. Together, we share life, take care of the base and grounds and have a place of peace for when we return from outreaches. . During the Fall outreach phase, we will be staying in accommodations in Phuket.


Elena Turan
Elena Turan
I love anything that is fast, high and a bit dangerous. #Evangeli
Jascha & Franziska Bode
Jascha & Franziska Bode
We love to see how people grow in their personality and their individual relationship with God and to accompany them in this process. #becomeyourself
Miriam Damrau
Miriam Damrau
I love to see how God uses us together to build His kingdom.
Nils Stouthandel
Nils Stouthandel
I am thrilled that I can use my talents directly to spread the gospel to the whole world – through all possible and impossible channels.

“The RMS is young, wild and has a life-changing impact – for all participants and for all who are reached with Jesus.”

RMS Vision Team member

“I have come to stay! I have the vision of founding a house of prayer on Mallorca.”

RMS student

“Mallelujah! Beach service on the Ballermann. Baptizing instead of boozing.”

BILD headline

“I don’t want to keep drinking, I want to go to the hotel and read the Bible and get to know God better.”

Party Tourist

“I was baptized here yesterday.” Today I want to join in and tell others about my faith.

Beach service visitor, Your Content Goes Here


Price: The price for the RMS is 5,500 + 1,000 euros and covers accommodation, meals, teaching materials and flight.

You can find more information on payment methods and included costs in the info sheet below.

If finances are a problem, get in touch with us and together we will find a solution.


The next RMS will take place between October 12, 2024 and March 15, 2025.
Registration deadline: October 10, 2024

If you have any questions or need help, you can send an e-mail to We are happy to help you!

Register for the RMS and let God change your life as your love to reach the nations grows. We would like to get to know you better,therefore you fill oout the online application form.

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