Reaching out


Our Reach Mallorca School will start on 1 April 2023! Every day, we feel a growing excitement in our hearts about our vision i.e., calling
young people from all over the world to Mallorca for a five- month evangelism and revival training course. The goal of our Reach Mallorca School is to strengthen the global missionary movement in our generation and ensure that more on-fire evangelists and missionaries are being raised up in Europe.

We also believe that God’s purpose is to bring together many more people as part of this vision. And we know it will take a huge team of friends and supporters joining with us to make the Reach Mallorca School a success. Do you want to be a part of this vision?
We currently need €53,000 in donations to finance the start of our Reach Mallorca School. You can see the areas where this money is needed here:


30.000 €

Deposit for the training centre we will be using in Mallorca on a rent-to-own basis – by 15.02.2023


11.500 €

Purchase of two transit vans (including tax and insurance – by 05.02.2023


7.000 €

10 bunk beds (including 20 mattresses, blankets and pillows) – by 23.03.2023


1.500 €

Mission school equipment (tables, chairs and other equipment) – by 10.02.2023


3.000 €

Conversion of the building (the garage will be made into a seminar room) – by 12.03.2023



Donations account: Gospeltribe e.V.
IBAN: DE7466 0205 0000 0871 0900
Reason for payment: Start Reach Mallorca School